Escape Rooms or Real-Life Quests 

      At first glance this may seem like a childrens entertainment area. Rooms allows you the unique opportunity to paint your life with new colors in real life, filling it with new and previously unknown emotions and experiences. Never before has the game industy been so closely connected with reality. A fountain of adrenaline will beat within you, wanting you to return again and again to partake no other game industry matches this incomparable feeling of stepping into another reality.

      Try it for your self. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience taking the main role of a bank robbery or as one of the hero's from Hobbits? 

      Now you can understand it in our Rooms! 


      Take your children with you as it will sure to become their favourite pastime. Or visit us with famlies, friends or colleagues. All are welcome. You won't regret about the time you spent with us.

        All the Rooms are equipped with colourful decorations and realistic props allowing you to fully enjoy the processing of immersion into the game.

      Our Rooms are equipped with movement sensor cameras and mirrors which are the secret to the cameras invisibility, uniquely designed mechanisms and computers. Secret mechanisms are activated by different action signals  being received from the motion sensors. Speacial effects are used to add realism during the game.

        We made our Rooms containing a mass of puzzels and secrets for our guests to play through and not only that but we have created a unique environment filled with adrenaline for you to plunge into. Our 60 minute time slots will allow you to forget about everyday life and you will get plenty of emotion and adrenaline from our Rooms.

      We do not rest on developing our levels as we are constantly improving and updating puzzles and surrounding areas.

      We care about your safety and comfort, so all  the Rooms have good air ventilation and conditioning. Every Room also contains video surveillance. Within your booked time in our Rooms you can choose to take a break from the game and relax as you enjoy our comfortable sofas aswell as hot coffee or choclate milk.

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