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      Things to do in Tenerife: ESCAPE ROOMS or ESCAPE GAMES are interactive games which you can come across in real life. Locked up in a room with a group of 2-4 people, you've got 60 minutes to fight through a maze of puzzles and mysteries to open up the final exit door.
      In a room, designed to challenge your mind, creativity and logic, you need to work together with your team mates to get out in time. Using and combining the objects that can be found inside the  escape room it takes the skills and thinking of the whole group to find the way out. What to do in Tenerife? Escape Rooms!


      "ESCAPE ROOMS ISLAND PHOBIA" is not only about solving puzzles, quick thinking and attention, but it involves adrenaline and extreme emotions. In the "Nightmare" you will look into Freddy's eyes, you will be only thinking about finishing the room and staying alive. In the "Bank Robbery" you and your friends may become real robbers. In "The Dragon's Ring" you will feel like in a fairytale trying to find a lot of mysterious puzzles and magic!
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