Bank RobberyBank Robbery

  • 2-4 players (possible 5-6)
  • Difficulty 7
  • Rating 9,8
  • 60 minutes


  • +34 602 656 844
  • Tenerife, Playa de Las Americas, Eugenio Dominguez Alfonso, 23, (Hotel IBEROSTAR BOUGANVILLE, Shopping Center - sea view, 2nd floor)


To Rob the Bank is the easiest thing ever. You have to come in, take all the money and gold and get out before the police comes! You have only 60 minutes! Be brave!
You need to solve a lot of puzzles, find some hidden things, use your attention and logic.
Be brave! Use your chance and become rich and famous robber!
Things to do in Tenerife - Escape Rooms! What to do in Tenerife - Escape Rooms!

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Amazing experience! We did the bank robbery as a family and loved every second! We will definitely be returning to play the other games, can't wait !


Had an amazing hour or so in the bank robbery experience. It was challenging,engaging and fun and all 4 of us (16 to 35) Wish we had done it earlier in the week so we woulda have had time to do the other 2 rooms! Amazing staff - amazing experience


Room was brilliantly set up, well built, interactive, some puzzles easy and some more challenging! But if it looked like you were completely stuck help would be offered if you agreed through the intercom, Hour flew by and was great fun, very addictive and upon completing, immediately wanted to do the other two rooms! This is an exciting and fantastic way to spend an hour on holiday, and you'll be talking about it for the next couple of days. Totally recommend! 5 stars!

Simon & Moto

Great experience! We tried The Bank Robbery room and managed to escape with the money(with a little help) Great fun! Highly recommended! We will be back for The Dragon's Ring beboere we leave!

Henning L

Super experience!!! It was so great that we made also a second room.if we would have had more time we would even have made the third one. The rooms are really great done with much details and a setting/story around it. Thank you for the great experience.


“Excellent Family Fun” On the Island of Tenerife there is not much to do when the weather "turns" and it gets cloudy. Apart from a boat trip or visiting the zoo where (as a parent) you are really just making sure the kids don't hurt themselves. But this place is totally different. You can take the kids (age 7 and 9) and the whole family can get totally involved. Not just involved but immersed! This was probably the most fun we have all had as a family in as long as I can remember. It was brilliant! Go and enjoy. You won't regret it.


This is a "got to try this" on your holiday bucket list. What a fantastic idea. From start to finish we had great fun pretending to be bank robbers, the staff are second to non, really friendly and helpful. Can't wait to be Bilbo Baggins before I go home. Well done this company deserves huge recognition for this product xx

Dee Rogers

Very Fun!! Definitely worth giving it a try... Specially on less sunny days to entertain a group of four and also would be good for the bit older kids from 10 and up ...

Thijs De Boer

My daughter (15 yrs) and I had the very best time! thank you improbable escapes - great staff, and the clues along the way were never "too" easy and always appropriate to keep the fun going in case they noticed we were in a jam. a real challenge - we made it with 36 seconds left, and even if they say that to all the kids, you made us feel special! 5 stars


Bank Robbery was a lot of fun! Harder than I expected but it was good. Definitely going back to try another!

Anne Brimacombe

I'm 62 my wife's 40 & my kids 5 and 11, and even though Sasha locked Misha & me in the safe it was a great and thoroughly enjoyable adventure, I highly recommend it to couples, families, teens and kids!!!

Van Elliott

Had a great time! Many thanks from Van, Inna and children.


Our family was trying to rob the Bank. If not only my smart kids - we would not get the money. I was in a state of pleasant tension, watching the glowing eyes of my boys. To be together, in a team - a lot of discussions, laugh, the desire to tell our friends how fun and unusual it was . But we can't tell the secrets. But there are so many of them! So - I highly recommend. Thanks to the organizers and Dmitry, who gave some hints so tactfully :))


We have done a couple of these escape games at other locations but this was the first at this place. The staff were so friendly, informative and really passionate. This made playing the game even better. The location is great and the decoration looks so good. We will definitely be back to play...


Really nice game( bank robbery) We really enjoyed it and recommend this to everyone!!!! Also really cool rooms and nice made!



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Bank Robbery