Dragon's RingDragon's Ring

  • 2-4 players (possible 5-6)
  • Difficulty 7
  • Rating 9,7
  • 60 minutes


  • +34 602 656 844
  • Tenerife, Playa de Las Americas, Eugenio Dominguez Alfonso, 23, (Hotel IBEROSTAR BOUGANVILLE, Shopping Center - sea view, 2nd floor)


Hobbit have gone traveling, and left the well-hidden One Ring at home, but Evil found out about it and now Evil's slaves are rushing to Hobbit's house. Your task is to find and save The One Ring and bring it out of the Hobbit's house before Evil overtake you...
You have only one hour before the Evil arrive. Come on! Try to save the One Ring!
A lot of mysterious and unusual puzzles and secrets are waiting for your team. You can do it!
Things to do in Tenerife - Escape Rooms! What to do in Tenerife - Escape Rooms!

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It was fantastic! I made 8 escape rooms before and this was a blast! Real luxury in the culture of Escape Rooms. Many thanks to the authors for the tremendous love and a lot of money you spent to do this work of art.


Everything was good and we were impressed by the well done room. Really recommended for groups of friends!!


So much fun and lovely details to explore! We are a couple and played Hobbit room and a day later the Bank robbery because we had such fun! The Hobbit is beautiful decorated, you getting the feeling you are right in the real house of Bilbo Baggins. There is so much to explore and exiting puzzle to solve. Both rooms you definitely will be surprised how varied and clever tasks are.


We've done escape rooms in Dublin, Edinburgh and Valencia. I can honestly say these are this place has the most thought put into the puzzles I've ever seen. The attention to detail is incredible and everything is just so clever. Our host Dimitry was brilliant, when we needed clues he gave us just enough info to get to the next part without making it too easy. Whether you've done an escape room before or not you won't be disappointed, this really is top class.


Saw this on Trip Advisor and thought we'd give it a go. We did The Hobbit room and, must say, wow! The props were fantastic and the puzzles were fab. Not too hard, but not too easy. And Dimitri is always there via speakers to give you a hint if you get stuck. Fantastic way to spend an hour(ish) and we are going back to do the Nightmare On Elm Street room. Just having some lunch first to recharge our batteries. Would highly recommend this little adventure!


Really Great Fun!!! Had an awesome time in the Hobbit room [me and 2 sons aged 15 & 30] .... great bonding experience .... very pleased with our time ... for beginners. We'll be back to do the other rooms next year [wish we'd had time this year] Big thank you to Dimitri. We had a Fantastic time :)


Escape Rooms - game in real life. It was very interesting. We loved it! We will definitely return to try the remaining rooms. Highly recommend to everybody!


I had a blast, it was the best escape room yet. My friends and family tried it for the first time and we made it out. It was I well thought out room and the staff there are great. Special thanks for Anzhela!


Awesome time! We had such a blast! Highly recommend Hobbits!!


We visited Hobbits as a family group of five ranging in age from 20s to 60s. We all loved it - although some were more effective than others! This is such a clever set-up with challenging puzzles that really test your thinking - it is obvious that a lot of work and planning has gone into this. We managed to escape with just 1min and seconds to spare - very exciting and great sense of achievement! I really recommend this experience for groups of families or friends of any age - just don't expect it to be easy!!


Good family fun, especially under time pressure, you don't want to fail, you want to be on the wall of fame! We will go back and do the other room next time.


wow, we did not know what to expect! something a bit different to what we normally do. We thought it was great, great experience and I want to go back and try the other room! we made it out in 66 minutes !

It was very cool



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Dragon's Ring