• 2-4 players (possible 5-6)
  • Difficulty 9
  • Rating 9,7
  • 60 minutes


  • +34 602 656 844
  • Tenerife, Playa de Las Americas, Eugenio Dominguez Alfonso, 23, (Hotel IBEROSTAR BOUGANVILLE, Shopping Center - sea view, 2nd floor)


The main nightmare is going to come back. Freddy Krueger, who kills teenagers, is going to find you. But you're lucky that the nightmare is collective, it means you have a chance to save your lives. You need only one thing - to wake up as soon as possible... You have only one hour to get out of the nightmare or Freddy will come for you!
Сhildren 12+ must be accompanied by adults.
Things to do in Tenerife - Escape Rooms! What to do in Tenerife - Escape Rooms!

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My first escape room was freddy kruger and it was even better than expected. would recomend to fans of the movie!


From the second we stepped into Escape Rooms, we felt welcome. Very friendly and patient staff. Me and my two friends went in not knowing what to expect, but was not disappointed with the experience. A lot of money, time and effort has gone in to creating this amazing attraction! Escape Rooms Island Phobia is great for unusual team building or just for a group of friends to bond. You even get a free photo shoot at the end of your experience, to ensure you remember your time at Escape Rooms. Would certainly recommend it to anyone visiting Playa Las Americas - It's a must!


The best escape room you'd ever come across. Very smartly put together and the staff are very friendly, always willing to help with the puzzles. It was so good we had to come back again

Kirsty A

We did this recently on a family holiday in Tenerife it's a must!!2 adults and 2 kids was 65 euros but was well worth it it was so interesting the kids absolutely loved it.e enjoyed finding all the clues to escape really had us all thinking hard!!


This is our second escape room after going to one in Birmingham, England. We all loved it (2 adults and an 11 year old) Loved the Freddy Krueger theme. The rooms were all set up really well with excellent props. There were lots of different types of puzzles to solve meaning working as a team to play to our different strengths. Alex was great at nudging us in the right direction when we got a bit stuck. Would highly recommend this experience and we're planning another escape ourselves tonight!


Wonderful place! Had a lot of fun, went and tackled the dreddie krueger room! Actors were engaged and as freddie they were a lot of fun, great energy and fun at this place. Highly recommend!


I was unsure about going into this originally, but as soon as we were in our room, it was beyond thrilling. So much thought, creativity and energy has clearly gone into this. I definitely recommend trying out Island Phobia Escape Rooms! I plan to be back to try a new room soon! I also highly recommend brining teams here, a great team building opportunity!

Bobby MacPherson

Wow!! It was very exciting and scary adventure in the quest "Freddy is back" P. S. Lena, Dasha, Maxim and Makar we are the best and deserve to break the record !!!!


I'm the one who has been in all three great quests of Island Phobia, and I can say with confidence that the quest "Freddy is back" was one of the most exciting in my life. This quest was created for people who like the logic and adrenaline. I advise it to everyone.

Bruss Makar

Just visited today for my 21st birthday with 3 friends. We did Freddy is back. It was very challenging as we have never done it before, but after a few hints it's was really fun and we escaped with 2 minutes to spare! Really polite staff and the photo session afterwards was a lovely way to end it all :)


Really looking forward the quest "Freddy is back"! We played Hobbits today and loved it very much, but I want a horror story! The Hobbits is very cool and atmospheric! We want to be the first on Freddy! Thanks for the guys from Island Phobia for a great time!


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